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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

SingTel has confirmed to launch iPhone 3G on 22 Aug

Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel), Southeast Asia's largest telecoms firm has confirmed will launch Apple third-generation (3G) iPhone in Singapore on 22 Aug 2008 (next Friday). I just received an email from SingTel with the subject "It's coming on 22 August 2008!". Here is an excerpt of the email:
Get ready, the Apple iPhone 3G hits our shores on 22 August!

Thanks for your patience; we will be bringing in both the 8 and 16GB versions with your choice of black or white.

At this stage we have not announced pricing, I will share it with you very shortly...

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This is an update to a post I did two days ago. According to 3 sources that I talked to yesterday, the iPhone 3G will be available in Singapore on August 22. There's more! Singtel customers can get the 8GB or the 16GB iPhone 3G for $0 upfront on one of the more expensive data plans (only on a 2 yr contract) while customers choosing the cheaper plans will have to pay a monthly fee for their data plans in addition to a monthly fee for the handset. Singtel may also be planning to give away free browsing (unlimited data) on all its iPhone 3G plans for the first month.

Singtel will reveal its iPhone 3G data plans and will make its August 22 launch date announcement next week and those of you who had made your iPhone reservations on the Singtel website will also receive more details via email sometime next week.

Just for your info, out of the three sources mentioned above, two of them revealed the date as August 22. The other simply say that Singtel customers will be among the first in Asia to get the iPhone 3G while interestingly pointing out that Bharti Airtel in India and Globe Telecom in Philippines, both invested by Singtel, have announced that they will sell the iPhone on August 22.

Update: It's confirmed and that means I was spot on! Singtel says it will launch iPhone on August 22!

According to The Straits Times:
SingTel will continue taking online reservations till 17 Aug 2008 (this Sunday). Those who have already made online reservations at SingTel's website will get first dibs on the iPhone. SingTel CEO, declined to say how much the device will cost or associated price plans customers will have to sign up for in order to get the iPhone, but customers can expect the iPhone's price to be 'subsidised'.

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