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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The 2 Most-wanted Features of iPhone OS 3.0

The much long-awaited official iPhone OS 3.0 software update has released. I started my download at 18 Jun 2009, 1:10AM local date and time (http://twitter.com/cedric_chee/status/2209247111)

The following are the 2 most-wanted features of iPhone OS 3.0 that really works for Singapore iPhone 3G owners who have upgraded the OS to version 3.0 based on my own personal testings:

1. MMS
The iPhone 3G can finally send picture messages like any phone. It is confirmed Singtel carrier supporting MMS for iPhone 3G (http://twitter.com/cedric_chee/status/2210382720)

2. Internet Tethering
Tethering is sharing your 3G Internet connection with your computer via your iPhone 3G Bluetooth or USB connection. Tethering works like a charm with Singtel carrier! To enable 3G tethering on your iPhone 3G, go to Settings > General > Network. Look for the option "Internet Tethering". Set this option to "On". Next, choose tethering over USB or Bluetooth. Done. Now connect your iPhone to the computer. The computer will automatically detect a network connection on the USB port. It just works :)

Turn off your Wi-Fi or unplug your Ethernet to check how it works.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Singapore: Ang Mo Kio MRT Chaos

originally uploaded by gurms.
Train services on the North-South line heading northbound between Ang Mo Kio and Yishun stations were delayed earlier due to yet to known cause.

This disruption had caused trains taking commuters like me heading back to home from work were delayed by one to two hours. Normal train service resumed at around 9:00 pm.

We were kept informed through on-train and in-station announcements.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Comptine d'un autre été L'après midi

This masterpiece is beautiful and sad at the same time. A little touching too.

TuneWiki Demo

TuneWiki demo on the Android emulator. Cool!

Amazing Robot Man

Robert Murraine performing in the "So You Think You Can Dance" audition. This guy is so good. He got flexible moves. Awesome "Robot Man".

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

SingTel has confirmed to launch iPhone 3G on 22 Aug

Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel), Southeast Asia's largest telecoms firm has confirmed will launch Apple third-generation (3G) iPhone in Singapore on 22 Aug 2008 (next Friday). I just received an email from SingTel with the subject "It's coming on 22 August 2008!". Here is an excerpt of the email:
Get ready, the Apple iPhone 3G hits our shores on 22 August!

Thanks for your patience; we will be bringing in both the 8 and 16GB versions with your choice of black or white.

At this stage we have not announced pricing, I will share it with you very shortly...

From blog: I.Z. Reloaded: Online Refreshments


This is an update to a post I did two days ago. According to 3 sources that I talked to yesterday, the iPhone 3G will be available in Singapore on August 22. There's more! Singtel customers can get the 8GB or the 16GB iPhone 3G for $0 upfront on one of the more expensive data plans (only on a 2 yr contract) while customers choosing the cheaper plans will have to pay a monthly fee for their data plans in addition to a monthly fee for the handset. Singtel may also be planning to give away free browsing (unlimited data) on all its iPhone 3G plans for the first month.

Singtel will reveal its iPhone 3G data plans and will make its August 22 launch date announcement next week and those of you who had made your iPhone reservations on the Singtel website will also receive more details via email sometime next week.

Just for your info, out of the three sources mentioned above, two of them revealed the date as August 22. The other simply say that Singtel customers will be among the first in Asia to get the iPhone 3G while interestingly pointing out that Bharti Airtel in India and Globe Telecom in Philippines, both invested by Singtel, have announced that they will sell the iPhone on August 22.

Update: It's confirmed and that means I was spot on! Singtel says it will launch iPhone on August 22!

According to The Straits Times:
SingTel will continue taking online reservations till 17 Aug 2008 (this Sunday). Those who have already made online reservations at SingTel's website will get first dibs on the iPhone. SingTel CEO, declined to say how much the device will cost or associated price plans customers will have to sign up for in order to get the iPhone, but customers can expect the iPhone's price to be 'subsidised'.

Monday, July 28, 2008

MediaCorp RAWclipx Beta Launch

MediaCorp RAWclipxFinally, MediaCorp RAWclipx moved into public Beta testing on podcast.sg. RAWclipx is a new online service to showcase never-before-seen videos of Singapore celebrities like Fiona Xie and Joanne Peh. RAWclipx is powered by ASP.NET 2.0, SQL Server 2005 database and Silverlight 1.1 for rich media streaming experience. RAWclipx is utilizing the User Generated Content (UGC) platform which is the same as the one being used in several other MediaCorp TV microsites such as SuperMummy, BeatBox 2007, Campus Yummy Hunt, SuperBand, The Showdown and so on. RAWclipx is developed by the web team in MediaCorp Pte Ltd (formerly known as MediaCorp Technologies). With just only 2 front-end developers, 2 back-end CMS developers and a web designer, it took them just less than 2 months to turn the idea to a real service. Congrats and good job to my fellow co-workers there. I am really proud of the team there.

This site unique feature is those videos can be downloaded to mobile devices. This site provide three different video download formats. Furthermore, this
service allow members of the public to upload their videos. For your information, MediaCorp will upload up to 15 new videos on this site every week.

Here is an excerpt from the official media release issued by MediaCorp Corporate Communications:
Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Caldecott Broadcast Centre? Where do you go for downloads of cool clips, or to upload your own to share with other Singaporeans?

Well, look no further than RAWclipx on podcast.sg which will be launched on July 28th to feature a smorgasbord of video offerings.

RAWclipx on podcast.sg will feature juicy off-air content, backed by MediaCorp’s immense star and media power.

Here’s a sampling of offerings:
i. Photo shoot images from MediaCorp’s wide variety of magazines
ii. Your favourite radio DJs in their studios and celebrity interviews
iii. Out-takes from your favourite TV shows
iv. Newscasters and reporters off camera
v. Unreleased footage of exclusive events such as the FHM Girl Next Door party

“We will have our own paparazzi; a spycam roving reporter sussing out what happens in between takes; what the stars wear and don’t wear; what they do; all the saucy details never before seen or heard,” said Timothy Goh, Vice President New Media Business and Customer Relationship Management.

The content will be refreshed every week and it promises surprises and the unexpected. But that is not all. Everyone can be part of the action and upload their “Aha” moments onto RAWclipx on podcast.sg.

"We embrace user generated content and want as many people as possible to upload and share...your fun, wacky moments... your singing debut...your school concert; upload and be part of this new exciting community” added Timothy Goh.

RAWclipx on podcast.sg will be different from most other UGC sites in that it allows for easy downloads onto mobile devices. It also offers RSS feeds and enables the public to comment on, and forward the clips. more.
In my own opinion, this is going to change the game in Singapore media scene forever. Forget about the Odex case. Check out why by referring to an analysis done by HubPages "Downloading unedited RAW videos in Singapore".

Sunday, July 27, 2008

First Facebook User Fined for Creating Fake Profile

The Financial Times reported that “a British businessman has been awarded £22,000 in damages from a former school friend who created a fake profile of him on the website.”

It is very common to see user creating fake profiles of other people on Facebook since the platform is open out to public four years ago. From now on, users may want to think twice before doing so as this could result in a large fine.

Singapore Announces Ported Creative Commons Licenses

Excerpt from the official press release, slated for July 27, 2008 release:

San Francisco, CA, USA and Singapore City, Singapore — July 27, 2008

Today Creative Commons Singapore announces the completion of the locally ported Creative Commons licensing suite. In close collaboration with Centre for Asia Pacific Technology Law & Policy (CAPTEL), the Creative Commons team in Singapore, led by Associate Professor Samtani Anil and Assistant Professor Giorgos Cheliotis, adapted the licenses both linguistically and legally to Singaporean national law. The Creative Commons licenses, now ported to 47 jurisdictions, enable authors, artists, scientists, and educators the choice of a flexible range of protections and freedoms in efforts to promote a voluntary “some rights reserved” approach to copyright.

The Singaporean Creative Commons licenses, available soon online, will be celebrated today in Singapore City at the International Symposium on Electronic Art. The event will also feature a panel, organized by CAPTEL and Creative Commons Singapore, to introduce the audience to key copyright issues in the digital age and also share tips for creators and users to avoid common pitfalls in the field of copyright law.

The panel will, in addition, explain the aims and philosophy of the Creative Commons initiative and the specific nature and uses of the Creative Commons licensing suite in Singapore. Stanford law professor and Creative Commons founder Lawrence Lessig will address the audience to commemorate the completion of the licenses.

Following the event, the CC Singapore team hopes to initiate a series of educational talks to explain the philosophy of Creative Commons and the practical ways in which users can implement the licenses.

Project Lead Samtani Anil adds, “We also believe the launch of the Singapore CC licenses will lead to a better appreciation of the ambit, contours, and limits of the existing copyright regime in Singapore in relation to the sharing and dissemination of culture and the advancement of innovation. This, we believe, will sensitize various stakeholders to the avenues that are open to them to share their works in accordance with their wishes and needs.”

The CC Singapore team is supported by team members Assistant Professor Warren Chik, Vinod Sabnani, Tham Kok Leong, Lam Chung Nian, Harish Pillay and Ankit Guglani.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Facebook is rolling out the new profile design

According to the Facebook Developers blog, this week, Facebook will begin rolling out the new profile design to users on an opt-in basis. Every user may not see it at first, but they’ll keep extending the rollout to more users.

All Facebook apps developers should update their applications, and have them ready before the preview launch, because users will want to see the application within their new profile experience.

Facebook currently plan to launch the new design to all users one to two weeks after the rollout begins. Facebook will give developers at least 24 hours notice before the final switch occurs.

To get a quick-look at the new layout, log in to your page and then go to http://www.new.facebook.com/profile.php. Not only does it look different, it also works differently. Check out this post on how Facebook's platform changes will affect you.