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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Singapore Fireworks 2007 @ Marina Bay

Exciting & tiring day for yesterday & today. Yesterday, I went to the fireworks show by the Spain team with my co-workers. We met at CityLink mall in City Hall. My friends from KL, Malaysia who are here for vacation also joined us. IMO, this year fireworks show by the Spain team is much better than all the 4 team shows from Singapore, New Caledonia, Italy & France. Check out my flickr for the photos.

Today show from China is not that impressive compare to yesterday show. For yesterday show, we watched from the center of the Esplanade bridge. Today, we watch from Marina Bay while enjoying steamboat there. For today show, I think it is not that good. Could be because we are watching it from far.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Impressive Facebook Platform

I've been playing with Facebook for a few days and am impressed. What I am more impressed with is Facebook has transformed itself into a platform after a couple of months opened to application developers. There is a mind-boggling momentum at play, not only in terms of user signups, but in the excitement around developing for the platform. A lot of web startups are adding a Facebook experience, and at the same time, a number of new applications are popping up (every day... literally!) that are leveraging the power of the social network in creative ways. It will be interesting to see how Facebook holds up over time compared to other networks such as MySpace.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jumping to the Facebook Wagon

I get to know Facebook (www.facebook.com) for sometime back due to its popularity while I was learning about web two-oh. Early this morning, I decided to try it out. First impression, it has a professional and simple design with plenty of AJAX techniques applied appropriately to the area which IMO right usage. Frankly, it's an excellent platform for social networking. Beter keep an eye on it.

Day 0: Silverlight Knowledge Sharing

This will be my first post of a series of the same post focusing on sharing my real work experience using Silverlight to prototype rich web application in my current company. As of now, I have prototyped for a video player with playlist for a video gallery for use in several microwebsites. Besides this, I have also did a prototype for a draggable multi-video streaming views for Singapore National Day Parade live web cast website. I will post the details in the next post.

First Taste of Visual Studio 2008

Getting my first taste of Visual Studio 2008. This will play a part in my decision whether to use it for my next project or stick with Visual Studio 2005 until the actual final release. I am focusing on the features that will improve productivity such as new language features, new intellisense for javascript and so on.

Looking Into User-Generated Content Model

Today marks the beginning for me to look seriously into the User-Generated Content Model for the upcoming business model I am putting in to work for a website. IMO, this is one of the area in Web 2.0 (or may be Web 3.0) we can't left without. There are several key questions I am still finding the answer for it. I will post an update to this post with the questions and answers once I found the answers to all of the questions.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hello Webverse!

Finally, I could spare a fraction of my time doing what I wish & love to do long time ago. I just keep my fingers cross that I can blog regularly after this & I hope you viewers can bear with me. As of now, I am still trying to come out a tagline for this blog. How about "personal ramblings of web developer in Singapore", "incidental thoughts", "a pile of insignificant posts" & so on. Okay, enough. I will simply set it to "Observing Web 2.0 and Beyond".