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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pink - Dear Mr Bush

I love this song. It really tells what's going on!

Friday, June 13, 2008

4 months of continuously rollercoaster ride

It's been a rollercoaster ride for the past 4 months. Finally I got some free time to follow-up all my social networks. I have not touch any of these networks due to my other higher work & life priorities. Sometimes, I wish I have the time to spare for this. I have tried my best to manage myself & my time but it's difficult when you have several projects up to 3 running concurrently at the same point of time. Now, with all these had settled down, I could finally spend some time on every little things I have on hands. I am really tired but satisfied. Phew!

Firefox 3 sets to release on 17 June

Mozilla will release the next version of its Firefox browser, Firefox 3 on next Tuesday, 17 June and attempt to set a Guinness World Record for software downloads. This attempt is part of a campaign "Download Day" asking users to download Firefox 3 on the first day it is released to set world record for the largest number of software downloads in 24 hours.

Currently, Mozilla make available online Release Candidate 3 (RC3) of Firefox 3 for free download. To web developers outside there like me who is working on compatibility testing, you can follow this guide on how to have Firefox 3 and Firefox 2 running at the same time

Long holiday break

I am currently having my long holiday break. Today is my 7th day in Malaysia. Though it is only my 7th day here, I felt so sick with so many things going on in this country. Everyone here is talking about the RM2.70 oil price hike, living cost up, etc. What the heck is going on with the government? Really pity those low income group of people. How can I help duh...

Melacca trip with my colleagues

I spent 3 days in Melacca (a state in Malaysia well know with its pre-historic charm) with my colleagues. This is my fourth time visiting Melacca. We started our journey on Saturday morning from Johore Bharu (JB). Joining us is one of my colleague from Batu Pahat which is a district not far from JB. He is our so-called car "driver". There are all together 5 of us out of which 2 are originated from Melacca. We reached Ayer Keroh Toll Plaza around 10.30am. Then, we drop off the ladies in Batu Berendam & we proceed to Cheng to drop off our stuffs in my friend's house.

Where do we visited? Saturday, afternoon: We went to Jonker Street to sample the best laksa & chendol in Melacca for our lunch. After lunch, we walk & shop around Jonker Street. Then, we went to Mahkota Parade & the new Dataran Pahlawan mall.

Saturday, night: We went to the old Newton hawker center to take our dinner. After dinner, we went to MBO cinema planning to watch Superhero movie only to found out all screens & seats fully booked. Sigh! Wrong timing due to Malaysia's supreme ruler (YDP Agong) birthday & school holidays. We changed our plan to Mori Cafe in Bukit Beruang (opposite of Multimedia University). Over there, we hangout & had several rounds of card games. Guess what type of card game. Hihihi...

Sunday, morning: Sleep zzzZZZ.

Sunday, afternoon: Joined my friend's family for Ba-Chang (Dumpling) festival lunch. After lunch, I go over to my sister's house near MITC & Universiti Teknikal Malaysia while the rest of my friends heading back to Singapore.

So, I stayed overnight in my sister's place. The next day morning, I took the domestic bus heading back to my hometown in Shah Alam.

Jonker Street, Melacca